Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week I got to fly down to Kentucky and spend some time with my Dad. It was wonderful! It was so good to see him! He did have to work, but we still got to spend a couple of hours together each day. And it was ok; while he worked I studied. I seriously underestimated how long it would take me to do these outlines....

Anyway, Thanksgiving with my Dad was so good. We ate our Thanksgiving feast at the Ponderosa. I had a strawberry Pepsi to drink. They didn't have cherry flavoring, but they did have strawberry. When the waitress read the order, she said "what?" and looked at me like I was crazy, but it was pretty good. So if you ever want to order a cherry coke/pepsi and they don't have cherry flavoring, ask them if they have strawberry flavoring (like for the lemonade). It'll be an adventure for your taste buds!

I'm getting really excited for Christmas. I decorated my house.... I don't have very many decorations to begin with, and apparently I didn't bring them all. So I have like four decorations up, but it's a tiny splash of Christmas, and that's enough. I'm still hoping for a Christmas miracle this year, that Dad will be able to come home, and we can all be together. I should have set up a skype account for him while I was there, so we could skype on Christmas Day (just in case my miracle doesn't come through.) Maybe I'll send him instructions....

Well at any rate, it was really good to see Dad for Thanksgiving. I needed a bit of a break from Albany, and what better place to steal away to then wherever family is? It was a really great Thanksgiving! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving as well!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some guy in a wolf costume with a light saber just said hi to you.

I can't decide if time is going too slow or too fast. Hm. I can't believe finals is only three weeks away, but it still feels like ages until I get to come home. I think time is going slowly when I think about home and much too quickly when I think about school. Father Time, I shake my fist in your general direction!

I've been working on my Objective Memo for my lawyering class. Bleh. That's due on Tuesday, and then (hopefully) I'll get to zip down to Kentucky and see my Dad for a bit. That would be wonderful! Then, one more week of classes until the dreaded finals week arrives!! I'm freaking out a little about that, but only a little.

Anyway, I have my schedule for next semester! Assuming I don't fail everything this semester, I will be taking: criminal law, constitutional law, property, and then I continue with contracts and intro to lawyering. I'm excited for criminal law and constitutional law! I think those will be fun courses. I'm less excited for property law, but who knows? Maybe it'll turn out to be my favorite subject. Unlikely.

I haven't had many adventures of late. I have been holed up in my apartment since last Friday. Seriously. I go to class, and then I come home and sit on my futon and study. It's so depressing. My living room is a disaster: textbooks, notes, supplemental materials strewn all over the place. I wonder if this is what a mad lawyer's office would look like? You know, like a mad scientist has a lab with chemicals perched precariously in every inch of the room. I wonder if a mad lawyer's office would be like this, legal texts, memos, and case briefs strewn higgledy-piggledy throughout the office. Well, if that's true, I may emerge from law school a totally crazy super genius with glasses and a tweed coat. Totally crazy? check. Super genius?... Well, I've got 2.5 more years for that. Glasses and a tweed coat?... oh what the hell. Why not?

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm sorry Professor; I must not tell lies.

It's snowing!! My first snowstorm in Albany. :) I remember in Logan, it would snow like once in November, melt, and then not snow again until late December. I wonder what it will be like here. There is quite a bit of snow out there currently. It's a little ridiculous. I left my house for school this morning thinking it wasn't a big deal. By the time I actually got to school (it takes me like seven minutes to walk to school), it was snowing pretty damn hard. Big fluffy flakes. Bollocks. It's a good thing I always carry my umbrella with me! Anyway, here are some pictures of the winter wonderland in progress.

Sorry they aren't very good pictures, and I obviously have no idea how to organize them on my blog, but still it's snow! I'm actually not that excited about it. It's cold and wet. And I have to walk to school every day. My search for winter boots has moved to the top of my priority list... right after homework, my article, and grocery shopping. Hey, I gotta eat.
Anyway, in other news I chopped off my hair. It was more adventure than I originally bargained for, but it turned out ok I think, so all is well. It's always kind of fun to try a new hairstyle. We'll see how long it takes before I stop doing it.... It looked cute today, at least.
My first final is in less than a month!! I'm kind of excited, mostly because it means it's almost time for me to come home and see everyone! I'm also starting to get a little nervous. Even the professors are starting to address finals more often. It used to be that, generally, the professors wouldn't talk about the finals unless we asked. Now, they bring it up of their own accord. Suspicious.. At any rate, we all have a bit of time left to study our little hearts out. Perhaps that's what I should go do now. Bugger.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

I can't believe it's already November! Less than two months til I get to come home. Hurray! I can't wait to see everyone!!

Anyway, in school news, I did ok on my exam. Not as well as I had hoped, but still a decent score. Just means I need to study harder for my next exams. Anyway, I'm writing another article for The Issue, this time about the Arizona Immigration Law. There were a bunch of clubs that co-sponsored a symposium on the issue. That was last night, and it was interesting. I have so much research and information though, I don't know how I'm going to weed through it all. Hopefully I'll end up with a coherent, informative article!!

I signed up to be part of the pro bono project next semester. I was able to be placed in my first choice (International Human Rights), so I'm really excited about that. I have no idea what exactly I'll be doing, but I know I'll be working with a group called Freedom Now in DC that works to free political prisoners, and that it will be freaking awesome, and fun, and I'll hopefully be useful to society. :D Anyway, I'm going to be very busy next semester, but I'm excited!