Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm sorry Professor; I must not tell lies.

It's snowing!! My first snowstorm in Albany. :) I remember in Logan, it would snow like once in November, melt, and then not snow again until late December. I wonder what it will be like here. There is quite a bit of snow out there currently. It's a little ridiculous. I left my house for school this morning thinking it wasn't a big deal. By the time I actually got to school (it takes me like seven minutes to walk to school), it was snowing pretty damn hard. Big fluffy flakes. Bollocks. It's a good thing I always carry my umbrella with me! Anyway, here are some pictures of the winter wonderland in progress.

Sorry they aren't very good pictures, and I obviously have no idea how to organize them on my blog, but still it's snow! I'm actually not that excited about it. It's cold and wet. And I have to walk to school every day. My search for winter boots has moved to the top of my priority list... right after homework, my article, and grocery shopping. Hey, I gotta eat.
Anyway, in other news I chopped off my hair. It was more adventure than I originally bargained for, but it turned out ok I think, so all is well. It's always kind of fun to try a new hairstyle. We'll see how long it takes before I stop doing it.... It looked cute today, at least.
My first final is in less than a month!! I'm kind of excited, mostly because it means it's almost time for me to come home and see everyone! I'm also starting to get a little nervous. Even the professors are starting to address finals more often. It used to be that, generally, the professors wouldn't talk about the finals unless we asked. Now, they bring it up of their own accord. Suspicious.. At any rate, we all have a bit of time left to study our little hearts out. Perhaps that's what I should go do now. Bugger.


  1. Abby, the pictures were way cool to see the snow accumulate and also to see the "hood". Hope you find good boots soon. Katie showed me your hair and it is darling! Happy snow day!!!1

  2. Hmm. I miss the snow. I went for a ride tonight, in the dark and it was 47 degrees and it felt damn cold. I remember wearing shorts once it wasn't freezing...

  3. Snow! I am going to a snowland too! I passed the GRE Abby! Thanks for the encouragement and the books to study from! I didn't qualify for an ivy league by any means, but my score passed the requirements of the university I am going to. I am glad that you are excited for finals. That is a good sign. Your studying will pay off! Stay warm!

  4. Wow, Abby, that snow is really coming down. We have had a few flakes here but nothing that has all just melts right away. So, did you find some boots? What kind did you get? Finals...ugh!! You know that uncomfortable feeling after eating too much...that's how I remember my brain feeling when studying for finals!! Good luck!! I got to see your mom and sisters this last weekend at Grandma's was fun! Grandma is a hoot!!