Monday, January 24, 2011

I wasn't born of this [frozen tundra] like you [upstate New Yorkers] . . . . My constitution is much more... delicate.

It is very cold in upstate New York. Very, exceedingly cold. Last week, we had a freezing rain storm. That was weird. The next day when I was scraping the ice off my windshield it got even more strange. There was an inch of solid ice covering my entire car. It wasn't hard to get off though. All I had to do was get my little ice scraper underneath the ice and I could pry the whole thing off. It came off in sheets, big blocks of ice falling off my car. It was bizarre. And very cold. I have this awful habit of not wearing gloves; I really hate them. The problem is, when I'm scraping the ice and snow off my car, my hands get a little... cold. My car actually ended up being stuck in the ice and snow, so I had to walk to my meeting. When I got there, I noticed that I was bleeding. That was when I realized I had cut myself fifteen minutes earlier whilst scraping my car. Awful habit of not wearing gloves whilst scraping ice off my car = frozen hands and total loss of feeling. Next time, I wore gloves.

This weekend, I went to a hockey game with some friends. It was so much fun, but walking from the car to the stadium... holy shit. I don't think I've ever been so cold in my entire life. Until today. This morning I walked to school in -12 degree weather. I had on every piece of winter clothing I could fit onto my little body. The sun is shining and it looks so beautiful and inviting. Lies! If anyone would like to know what hell frozen over looks like, let me know, and I'll take a picture for you. Sigh. I'm cold.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wow, I know that tone. It's just weird hearing it come from someone with hair.

Well, first week of the second semester is finished. Phew! Only like 16 to go, or something like that. I'm starting to get anxious about studying abroad this summer. I'm waiting for the Dean to approve my program (which he will because I have the requisite grades. I just wish he would do it faster) so I can send in my application. I'm also getting anxious about my FAFSA because I'm waiting for the hospital to send me my W2 so I know how much I made last year. I hate waiting.

Besides all the anxiety, the first week has been pretty good, a little weird, but pretty good. We had a snow day on Wednesday. Unfortunately for me, I didn't check my email before I left my house. Over the break, the school called me to inform me the facilities were closed due to an ice storm, so I was under the impression they always called if the school was closed. Apparently not. I walked my ass all the way to campus through a foot of snow (and growing) only to find it completely empty save for the janitor. It was kind of weird seeing the school empty like that. It's not even that empty at midnight. But anyway, I turned my ass around and headed home. It was kind of nice to have a snow day, just relax. I enjoyed it. I was extra excited because I only have contracts on Wednesday this semester, so we missed it. Alas, my professor emailed us and said we couldn't afford to miss a class so we will be making it up. Bugger. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure here is a picture of the sidewalks the day after the snow day.

I thought it looked kind of cool, like I was walking between two walls of snow. Anyway....

It was nice to have a long weekend, even though I've only been in school a week... Friday night I went out with some friends to Eldas. I love Eldas. On Thursday nights, they have karaoke. On the weekends, they have a DJ, so you can go dance your little heart out. Which I did. It was a great time. On Saturday night I went to a house party with a friend. Apparently I was supposed to dress nice. I, however, showed up in levis. Oh well. There were a few people there I hadn't seen since before Christmas, so it was fun to get to visit. And then there were two glorious days of procrastination and relaxation. I watched Die Hard. It was beautiful.

Alas, school must start again. I wondered if we'd have a snow day again, but we didn't. They did have an "emergency closure" of the school though. All classes after 4 o'clock were cancelled, so I went to all of my classes (the last one gets over at 3:15. So close!) and walked home in freezing rain, which was kind of a weird experience. It's like 20 degrees outside, but it's raining, but because it's so cold, the rain is frozen. It's like the clouds had a glitch in their system and sent out the wrong material. The ground was all crunchy.

My boots have been holding up nicely, which is good - especially when I walk to school in a blizzard... Or home in freezing rain... This is a weird place.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

All I have is the phrase "I have a foolproof plan". Beyond that, I'm wide open.

Well school has begun again. Bleh. My classes are really hard, so hopefully I'll be up to the challenge. I feel like the professors expect more of us this semester, which makes sense I guess. Still, I spend most of class hoping they don't call on me. So far so good, but it's only Tuesday....

Today I had three classes, so I just took all my books with me to campus. The idea was to study in between classes. Do you have any idea how much four law textbooks weigh? I don't either, but it's a lot. I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, and I thought for sure my backpack was going to rip through my shoulder and split my body in two. I feel like I should never do that again. Tomorrow I also have three classes, so I'll have to think up a different way to study without causing my shoulders to implode on the rest of my body. Seriously, I had to lean forward to prevent myself from falling over. Yikes.

Anyway, my Constitutional Law class is pretty interesting. My teacher is totally crazy, but I think he'll be fun. He seems pretty chill. It's a hard class though. I keep hoping it'll get easier.... I have that class every day but Friday, so I've been doing a lot of reading in that book. We've been talking about judicial review and we're supposed to start discussing standing (whether you have a valid reason to be in court) tomorrow. I did do my reading, briefed my cases and everything, but I think I will still hope he doesn't call on me tomorrow.

My property class is... good? I should probably not be so candid on my blog. The cases we've been reading so far are all from the 17 and 1800's. They're kind of interesting, although some of them I don't really get. Why would you sue someone over a fox? Granted, it's obnoxious for someone to kill a fox you've been chasing all day, but sue them? Some people's kids. Anyway, that class is going to be very hard. I really hope he doesn't call on me, or if he ever does, he just asks me for a definition. I'm pretty handy with a dictionary.

Intro to Lawyering this semester is going to be crazy. We have to write a fact analysis, a persuasive memo, an appellate brief, and then do an oral argument in front of judges (real judges, which just makes it more terrifying). We even get to do a mock negotiation session. That will be kind of fun. It's going to be a lot of work though, for sure. We have more freedom this semester to do our own research instead of using the cases Professor Queenan gave us. That means we get to make our own arguments. Hopefully I don't turn out to be dumb. That will be really embarrassing.

I've only gone to my criminal law class once so far. Mostly we talked about legal and sociological theories of punishment. We read this awful case where these guys kill the cabin boy and eat him to survive (they're shipwrecked and out of food). I realized I am a retributivist because I thought they should go to jail even though it was unlikely to serve as any kind of deterrence, or reform, or anything like that. Then I felt bad because if you're going to spend all that money and time to punish someone, it should probably serve a purpose for the punishee and society. Still, they ate the cabin boy! I suppose that's the classic societal-internal struggle regarding punishment. We're supposed to continue our discussion next class. Should be interesting.

Anyway, my classes are hard, but I think I'm going to enjoy them. This semester's going to be pretty crazy. I have one more class than I did last semester, and the teachers all expect us to know what we're doing now.... Anyway, I plan to spend a large majority of my time this semester in the library. I also plan to start outlining much earlier then, you know, the week before finals. So hopefully all that extra studying will help my brain to keep up with my professors brains. Here's hoping!