Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aim for the flattop!

Last night I went to a comedy show with Michelle, Mike, and Andrew. We saw Louis CK and some random guy whom opened for him. Louis CK was pretty freaking hilarious. It was good times! The theater was amazing. First of all, it was huge. Second, it was so pretty. It was old school architecture and was extremely aesthetically pleasing. It kind of reminded me of the Eccles theater in Logan only much bigger. Anyway, the show was hilarious. I'm very glad we went! Plus, I got to get all dressed up, which is always fun because I never do it!
It doesn't look like I'm smiling, but really I am! My skin is just glowing too brightly... Anyway, it was a great weekend!

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  1. Abby, I'm so glad you got to do something fun. Maybe you can go to other good things at that theater! Did the Great Pumpkin turn on your heater!?!