Thursday, October 21, 2010

I bet I get a job before Jeff gets out of that coma.

I had my first real test today (and by real I mean it's actually going to be graded)! I'm so glad it's over! Honestly, I wasn't super stressed about it until after I finished it, but it feels like the whole school has been filling up with tension all week. It's ridiculous. Last night I wanted to go to the library and study, but I ended up waiting until like 9:30 because the library was so crazy. There were a lot of people there arguing over the United States Code and Reporters. I went upstairs and hid in a classroom. I didn't want to catch the fever.
Anyway, the test was... I don't know. It's hard to gage how I feel about it. Law school is in love with the curve, so my grade depends on everyone else's grade. I really hate that. Anyway, it's over now! Now I just have to wait to get my score! I think I'm more nervous about that then I ever was about actually taking the test. Is that weird?


  1. Congrats on getting the test over. I'm sure you did wonderful (course I'm not prejudiced at all) Can't wait to hear your score. One down, many more to come.

  2. You're a nurse and you can't love a man in a coma. What the hell kind of hospital is this?

    Miss you...