Thursday, December 16, 2010

After you get where you're going, take off your shoes and your socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes

Finals. Are. Over. Good thing to! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. It was touch and go there for a while. The tests were brutal, but they are over. I'm so happy! And tired. I'm really tired.

Finals, as everything, came with their scandals and gossip. On Friday, after my federal civil procedure final, we got an email from the Dean of Academic Affairs (who also happened to be my civ pro teacher. Anyway). Apparently some people had been caught cheating. You could literally feel the anger coming out of that email. Dean Mayer ended the email by saying that anyone who had cheated should voluntarily withdraw because they do not meet the minimum qualifications to work in this profession. Which is true. If you have "I cheated" on your transcript, the possibility that you will pass the bar are slim to none. Despite what people think about lawyers, we actually do have an ethics code. The bar consists of the actual exam and an ethics exam. You also have to pass an apparently very vigorous ethics shakedown, like a background check but much more personal. At any rate, being a cheater doesn't bode well for passing a very vigorous ethics shakedown. And, though I try to remember mercy and forgiveness and all that, I have to say I think they deserve what they get. Not only did the majority of us work our asses off for these exams, but after the cheaters were caught none of us could go to the bathroom during the exam. They're four hours long!! Oh sigh. I'm so glad they're over. 1 semester down, 5 to go...

Anyway, I'm currently sitting in the Albany airport. Yeah!! It's snowing, so I'm hoping that my flight won't get delayed. It looks like everything is still on schedule, so here's hoping! I can't wait to be home. I'm so excited to see everyone. All my friends were talking about how excited they were to finish finals and go get wasted with their friends back home. I'm sure they thought I was a little dorky when I said I was excited to finish finals and go home and dance around the Christmas tree with the fam. I don't care. There's plenty of time to go party with friends, but I only get to see the fam for three weeks, so we're gonna party Brinkerhoff style! And I'm so excited! I expect much laughing, dancing, playing games, and - of course - dancing. Probably throw some singing in there too. I can't wait to see my sisters and my bro, the kiddies, even the dogs! And of course, my Mom! SG here I come! I hope you're ready; NY has made me a little crazy...


  1. lol. I just realized I said dancing twice. That means 1 of 2 things. Either I'm really excited about dancing, or I have officially lost my mind. Or both.

  2. I hope you have a great vacation, Abby! Merry Christmas!