Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wow, I know that tone. It's just weird hearing it come from someone with hair.

Well, first week of the second semester is finished. Phew! Only like 16 to go, or something like that. I'm starting to get anxious about studying abroad this summer. I'm waiting for the Dean to approve my program (which he will because I have the requisite grades. I just wish he would do it faster) so I can send in my application. I'm also getting anxious about my FAFSA because I'm waiting for the hospital to send me my W2 so I know how much I made last year. I hate waiting.

Besides all the anxiety, the first week has been pretty good, a little weird, but pretty good. We had a snow day on Wednesday. Unfortunately for me, I didn't check my email before I left my house. Over the break, the school called me to inform me the facilities were closed due to an ice storm, so I was under the impression they always called if the school was closed. Apparently not. I walked my ass all the way to campus through a foot of snow (and growing) only to find it completely empty save for the janitor. It was kind of weird seeing the school empty like that. It's not even that empty at midnight. But anyway, I turned my ass around and headed home. It was kind of nice to have a snow day, just relax. I enjoyed it. I was extra excited because I only have contracts on Wednesday this semester, so we missed it. Alas, my professor emailed us and said we couldn't afford to miss a class so we will be making it up. Bugger. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure here is a picture of the sidewalks the day after the snow day.

I thought it looked kind of cool, like I was walking between two walls of snow. Anyway....

It was nice to have a long weekend, even though I've only been in school a week... Friday night I went out with some friends to Eldas. I love Eldas. On Thursday nights, they have karaoke. On the weekends, they have a DJ, so you can go dance your little heart out. Which I did. It was a great time. On Saturday night I went to a house party with a friend. Apparently I was supposed to dress nice. I, however, showed up in levis. Oh well. There were a few people there I hadn't seen since before Christmas, so it was fun to get to visit. And then there were two glorious days of procrastination and relaxation. I watched Die Hard. It was beautiful.

Alas, school must start again. I wondered if we'd have a snow day again, but we didn't. They did have an "emergency closure" of the school though. All classes after 4 o'clock were cancelled, so I went to all of my classes (the last one gets over at 3:15. So close!) and walked home in freezing rain, which was kind of a weird experience. It's like 20 degrees outside, but it's raining, but because it's so cold, the rain is frozen. It's like the clouds had a glitch in their system and sent out the wrong material. The ground was all crunchy.

My boots have been holding up nicely, which is good - especially when I walk to school in a blizzard... Or home in freezing rain... This is a weird place.

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