Sunday, April 24, 2011

Including those four? That gives us... four

Anyone who has ever been to the east coast knows that parking here is atrocious. An absolute, unequivocal nightmare. Most places don't have parking lots, so everyone parks on the street. Now, I have a confession to make.... I don't know how to parallel park. I did it once when I took my driving test and was so bad at it I never did it again. That's why I hate to drive here. I only like to drive if my destination includes a parking lot. Which isn't often.

Well, last night my friends and I decided we needed a break from studying. So we went to Andrews house to chill, and I offered to drive. So I picked up Michelle, and we headed down S. Lake. Lo! A parking spot! Almost directly across the street from Andrew's apt. But I would have to parallel park; my nerves were all a flutter.

I decided to give it a go, with Michelle encouraging me and giving me directions. It must have been the good karma because I managed to successfully parallel park on the first try. And my car wasn't even sticking out in the street or anything. I thought about taking a picture to document that life changing moment but decided that was weird. Anyway, I have now successfully parallel parked. You should all be very proud because I sure as hell am.

PS Happy Easter everyone! Someone roll an egg down the hill for me!


  1. Abby, I'll think of you every time I parallel park. Congrat!!! We will definitely roll an egg down for you this afternoon. Wish you could be here!

  2. Abby, I share your avoidance of parallel parking! I took my driving test in a blizzard and since the snow was piled high on the sides of the road, I never had to prove my inability to parallel park. I gladly walk a block (or two) to avoid those squishy spots! Congrats on your parking feat!! You are my hero...and you should have taken a picture !! Happy Easter to you!