Friday, April 15, 2011

"I can get you out of here." "How's that? The key's run off."

It's that time of year. Yes, registration (and finals, of course, but I'm pretending like those don't exist. It's better for my heart.) At Albany Law they randomly assign each student a registration time (No one wants the 4 o'clock time slot...) I got 10 o'clock, so not too shabby. I had this perfect schedule worked out, but alas, the third years get to register before us, and they took all the cool classes. Bastards.

Anyway, so I worked out a second schedule that has less cool classes but still covers some of my requirements, and I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two. In theory, anyway.

So next semester I'm taking evidence, fact investigation, business organizations, and legal profession. Woo!?... It'll be good. All 2Ls have to take evidence, and I've heard good things about my professor, so hopefully that'll be good. Fact investigation will be an interesting class, plus there's no exam. It's a "practice" class which means that instead of a written exam at the end of the semester you have some sort of simulation to see if you actually paid attention all semester. Meh. Better than the four exams I'm currently staring down. Help!

Business organizations. I don't know why, but I had this insane feeling that I should take that class, so I did. We'll see how it goes. The professor I wanted only teaches it in the spring, so hopefully the one I got will be just as good! Legal Profession is a class on ethics. Hopefully I can take that class and then do the MPRE (the ethics portion of the bar) and have done with it. One less thing to worry about it! I keep thinking my legal profession class shouldn't be too bad because, I mean, ethics are mostly common sense, yeah? I dunno though. Lawyers are really good at making up rules....

Anyway, I also waitlisted a class on the international law of war and crime. The waitlist was already 20 people long when I joined the group, so my hopes are not high. Still, it would be an interesting class. We'll see what happens. As it stands, next semester is going to be very... informative. In theory.


  1. Abby, I'm glad you got that over with and that you got some good classes. Good luck with your finals. Counting down the days until you're home!!!!!

  2. Wow, Abby! Maybe it hasn't for you, but for me your first year has really gone quickly! Congrats to you and best of luck on your's been so fun following you on this adventure...I really enjoy your blog!