Monday, June 6, 2011

Everything isn't like home. If everything were like home, there would be no reason for leaving home.

Well I'm still alive, and that's saying something! I've had quite a few adventures here in Spain thus far. I even had an adventure where I got to go to the hospital! I enjoyed that one a little less. I had a blister on my foot that popped and then got infected... It was mildly unpleasant to look at and hurt like hell, so a friend came with me (she was my translator) and we headed to the emergency room. Spain has universal health care, so it was kind of interesting to experience that. I'm sure everyone could tell we were American b/c we were speaking English and they all tried to help and give directions to the right rooms and stuff, even the other patients in the waiting room. The doctor actually spoke English, which was nice, but none of the other staff that we saw did. Anyway, the doctor told me I wasn't dying and proscribed an antibiotic and a painkiller. When we were leaving, Meredith and I stopped and asked a security guard if we had to pay. He laughed and told us that we had to pay him. He was kidding, of course. I'm sure he thought it was strange that we even asked, but it was strange to us to leave a hospital without paying any money! I felt like I was breaking a rule; I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the cops were coming to arrest me for theft of services....It looks less disgusting w/ a bandage on, but you can see where the infection was starting to spread up my foot.... Glad I got that taken care of. It would've really ruined my weekend if I lost a toe or some shit. Anyway, I'm still alive and all is well. And I have all of my toes.

The pharmacy was also an interesting experience. We went to the one at the hospital first. They have like consultation rooms, so you walk into a waiting area and there are three rooms. You wait for someone to come out, and then you go into the room and give your prescription to the pharmacist. It was kind of strange, but anyway, they informed me they didn't have my drugs. So we went to one close to our apts. This one was pretty much exactly like the ones back home, so it was way less exciting.

Anyway, so that was my adventure with the doctor. Then I had a serious and dangerous battle. I usually have a few ants in my room, no big deal. I came home a few nights ago though to find a giant swarm of them all over my door. I was afraid to open my door, but I did it anyway, and they were swarming in my room too. I can't even explain the anger. I was cursing every living ant and all of their ancestors. However, I knew that in order to win this battle, I was going to need a weapon of mass destruction, so I went to the store and bought some insecticide. Oh, I should also mention that there were now lizards running all over the place b/c their entire supply of food was living on my door. It was like a damn zoo only way less exciting and more violent. Anyway, so I won the battle (and the war I assume, no new ants have moved in). I'm fairly certain I killed like three colonies of ants, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Friday night I went out with some friends and Brigett's roommates. It was mucho divertido! We went to this place called Alfalfa and meet some Spanish guys and a random Italian guy. Then we went to a club called Buddha and danced the night away! It was good times for sure.

Saturday we went to the art museum by my house. It was pretty cool. It was interesting to see the Spanish art. I didn't get any pictures b/c I forgot my camera, and at any rate you could only take pictures of like one room. Anyway, it was pretty cool. And free for students!

On Sunday we went to Cadiz. It's a coastal town. It was so much fun! We got there pretty early, like nine ish. There weren't a lot of people on the beach which was nice. We went to this amazing cathedral and went up to the top of one of the towers. It was an incredible view.Anyway, that was pretty cool. We also went to this place called Plaza de Constitucion.Then we headed back to the beach for the day. It was nice. I even got in the water! A couple of times actually, and once I went by myself! And I succeeded in not getting eaten by sharks, so it was actually kind of pleasant. :D

Cadiz was a blast, though I did get a wee bit sunburned... I bought some Aloe Vera today, so hopefully I'll feel better soon.

Anyway, those are the adventures I've been having in Spain thus far. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself and seeing all kinds of fun things and trying all kinds of new things. I even tasted squid. It wasn't too bad. :D


  1. Abby, that is quite a picture of your toe...kind of scary! I'm so glad that you are on the mend! I got all squeamish as you described your ant invasion...I had a similar one in an apartment years ago...needless to say I hate indoor insects, outside they're okay, inside they are DEAD!! Just a warning about the ants: they will stay away as long as the insecticide is still working, but as soon as it wears off, they will return!! So...reapply regularly! I love hearing about your adventures! Question: Is the ocean there warm??

  2. Man! I want free health care! :) Way cool and exciting! I never get on these blogs, but I was way excited to read your blog today...have tons of fun!