Sunday, May 29, 2011

"What's going on?" "I never know what's going on!"

I am starving to death. And sweating to death. It's been a very perilous two days here in Spain. Anyway, I'm starving to death because I slept through dinner last night and breakfast this morning, so... I've been living on snack packs since yesterday morning. I'm hungry. Needless to say, I was rather excited when one of the girls in the program said she was going to the store and would I like to meet her at her apt and go with her. Um, yes, I would. Plus, there are a couple other things I need to pick up, so I was thinking this was perfection.

Alas, it was not meant to be, I guess. Either google maps is upside down, or my brain is upside down, both being equally likely. At any rate, I got seriously lost. When I realized I was never going to find her apt, I came back to mine to get directions to the store in hopes that I could find her there. So I got directions and headed out. It should not have been hard; it's like a four minute walk from my apt. This is when I realized something was wrong w/ the map and/or my brain. I started noticing the street names I was supposed to find to get to her apt, but they were not in the place they were on the map. I was very confused. Anyway, I didn't find the store either. And I don't have a phone, so I couldn't call her to tell her that I was lost. I feel really bad! I definitely need to get a phone.

Anyway, I was being very annoyed that I was lost in Seville and not able to find my friend. Then I decided, you know, I knew before hand I was going to get lost several times (I'm severely directionally challenged. I get lost frequently). So I thought, while I'm lost I might as well take some pictures. Enjoy.

I think this was a church.I was more lost than I thought...

Anyway, so that's a small sampling of Seville for you. It was a rather enjoyable little jaunt through town even if I did completely fail to find what I was actually looking for. I did find the hotel where rich people stay, but I didn't take a picture; some people were loading luggage into a corvette and talking about golf. It was a nice hotel though, at least on the outside. I also used an ATM without major incident. It took me a minute to figure out where the hell my card went, but once I figured that out the rest was, well, exactly how it is in the US. I almost went to a burger king for lunch but decided not to. It was big, like three stories. I found a little ice cream shop that I'm definitely going to have to go to someday. It's really bloody hot here. Humidity, it's killin' me. yay for AC! I also stumbled upon a Roman hardware store. Not sure what that was all about...

Anyway, so that was my first lost venture in Seville. I suspect there will be a few more in the next five weeks. Maybe next time I'll actually find the supermarket. A girl can dream.


  1. I would have got lost too! I am impressed that you were able to just enjoy the lost feeling and take in some of the city. I hope you find your way around quickly and that you have had a filling meal since your post! =)

  2. Geesh, Abby! Seville looks beautiful...definitely a very get lost-friendly area. I'm surprised that you can stay so calm when you are lost. I would probably panic and cause a big scene of sorts. I can't believe you are there and can't wait to hear more adventures and see more pictures!! Thanks for sharing!