Monday, September 12, 2011

Remember, forget it!

I got an email from my professor today. For Fact Investigation, we get to do a lot of "pretend-play". Yay... Anyway, this week I get to "pretend-play" giving a client interview. I have no bloody idea how to do a client interview, so... this will be an adventure.

Anyway, the email told us we weren't allowed to use any of the material in our book. Because the case is completely made up, all of the depositions, pleadings, witness statements, etc. are already in our book, giving us complete access to all of that information. However, my professor informed us that she wants these to be as real as possible (except for the whole "the entire class will be watching you" part), so we have to pretend like we don't already know the facts of the case. Right. I dunno, maybe this'll be an advantage. You know, they tell trial lawyers to never ask a question they don't already know the answer too, so there you have it. I'll already know the answer to all of my questions. Unless there's some curve ball in there I don't know about, which is likely. Law school would be way less interesting if they weren't always trying to trick you. Keeps you on your toes, you know...

Anyway, we'll see how my client interview goes. I'm nervous as hell but a little excited too. It'll be a new adventure, and I'm gonna have to learn how to do it eventually. Better sooner than later, I guess. Now if you'll excuse me, I must now go forget.

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