Thursday, March 3, 2011


So I finally tried Indian food last night. Sorry, no pictures. It tastes better than it looks.

The restaurant was nice though. Our waiter was kind of funny. One of my friends got a dish that was really spicy, and when he asked the waiter if it was how he had ordered it (really spicy) the waiter told him to try it to make sure, so he did. Apparently it was definitely how he had ordered it.

Anyway, they had a DVD playing while we were there. It was like the best music videos of some famous singer in India. It was interesting. It was like flash backs to Grease, West Side Story, even Anything Goes, but Indian style. It was great.

I have no idea what I ordered, but it was pretty good. Something with chicken and spinach I think. And naan. That was so delicious. So ridiculously delicious. I need to learn how to make that.

Anyway, another successful food adventure here in New York. There was a Korean restaurant down the street from the Indian restaurant we went to. I think I'll try that next.

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