Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does this make me look fat?

My time in New York was not only productive; it was educational. I like to travel, but I really hate to pack. It's a pain in the ass to pack a suitcase, but then you have get a carry on ready with all of the regulations about size and content. I mean, really, who needs that kind of stress? Anyway, my sister Katie let me borrow a little Mary Kay bag for my carry on. Note: I use the term 'little' liberally.... Anyway, it was perfect. It was the perfect size. I had enough room to carry an extra outfit in case my luggage got lost plus a book and some snacks (My snacks are infinitely better than plane peanuts) without taking up the entire overhead rack. Perfection. However, as nice as my sister was to borrow her bag to me, it was still her bag, and I had to give it back. I'm already planning for my Christmas vacation... so I decided to find myself a little bag like Katie's that I can use as a carry on. Like a big purse. My Mom and I went to TJ Maxx and found the biggest collection of hideous purses I have ever seen. Seriously.

I'll admit, I'm no fashinista, but seriously? This is the purse I bought. Abomination. I can't believe people actually carry these things around every damn day. I'm pretty sure I could sit in it. Anyway, now I have a little bag to be my carry on, so I'm all ready for my trip home for Christmas...after I move out there. I did wonder though, does this bag make me look fat?

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  1. no, it doesn't make you look fat, just prepared.