Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Left leg, right leg. Your body will follow. They call it walking.

So my orientation schedule came in the mail yesterday. My initial reaction when reading through the packet I received was.... well, a lot of expletives. Use your imagination. There are assigned readings for the first week of class. While I had hoped this wouldn't be the case, it wasn't unexpected. However, I didn't expect to have assigned readings for orientation. That's right. Assigned readings for orientation. 37 pages, and that's just the hand out. I also have to read four chapters from a book called Succeeding in Law School. That actually might be a good thing to read...

I've seriously considered abandoning my dream of becoming an attorney and living with my mother forever. Well, maybe not forever. Maybe I'll move out and be a dog lady (I can't be a cat lady. I hate cats.) I'm kind of afraid I'm going to show up at orientation and then everyone will find out that I'm dumb. That would really ruin my weekend.

Truthfully, I think orientation will be good... hopefully. In theory, it's supposed to teach us how to be law students: what to expect, what our professors expect, how to read and brief a case, all that jazz. Plus they have this smarmy swearing in toast scheduled for the end of orientation. So that should be... fun. At any rate, it will give me a chance to meet my fellow classmates and my future professors and learn how to accept a new identity and run with it, as it were. So now that my brain has recovered from all the expletives it was spewing out, I'm getting a little excited about the whole thing. Hopefully I won't turn out to be dumb. If I do, will someone buy me a dog?

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