Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are You A Fan of Delicious Flavor?

I've been venturing into the world of foreign food a lot since I moved here. I guess I figured if I'm going to be in Wonderland, I might as well try the food. Last night I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. It was pretty good. I would definitely eat there again. I got a chicken salad, so it was pretty basic, but I enjoyed it. It was even aesthetically pleasing!
See? It's like a carrot flower. It was great! Tonight during a little study break, I went to a sushi place with some friends.

Here it is friends, proof that I tried sushi. Ok, I didn't really try sushi; I got California rolls, but they have crab meat in them, so that counts, right? I even tried dipping them in soy sauce. They were awful. My digestive system did not appreciate that particular adventure, all though the edamame (I don't know how to spell it...) was really good. I might even try and make that someday. It seemed pretty simple....

Moral of the story: Vietnamese food=tasty. Sushi=not tasty. In my humble opinion, anyway. So those are my food adventures this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes when I finally try curry!


  1. Geez. All those times we invited you and you turned us down and now you're out trying food with out us. Thanks a lot.

    And yes you spelled edamame right and yes it is good. Next time you do sushi try the tempura or a roll with tempura because everything is cooked and its yummy that way too.

  2. I know; I've broken out of my food shell. When I come home for Christmas we'll have to go to all those places you always tried to get me to go to.