Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let it Rock

Hello! Sorry it's been so long since I posted; I've been a little busy, believe it or not. I can't believe I've only been here for three weeks! I feel like I've been in Albany for ages. I think I'm starting to figure life out here. New York is weird. In New Yorkers defense, they all think I'm weird. I still get funny looks, or looks of unabashed shock, when I tell people I'm from Utah. There are some people who are shocked I moved so far away from home, and there are some people who don't try to hide their disdain for someone who is from Utah. I have a friend who went to DC for school and told me she got so tired of the responses she got when she told people she was from Utah. She told me next time she moved out of state she was going to tell people she was from DC. Not me. I'm not ashamed to be from Utah. I love Utah! I'm really enjoying my time in New York. It's such an adventure, everything is so different, but I miss home. And it doesn't matter how far I go, or how long I'm gone, Utah will always be my home. And I'm not ashamed of that. So there.

Anyway, now that I've proclaimed my everlasting love for my home, I can tell you how much I'm enjoying New York. I've always wanted to experience something different from what I've known, and I definitely am experiencing something different from what I've known. I'm used to red rock; I'm not sure these people even have rocks, red or otherwise, just lots of trees. It's pretty though. I'm hoping to get some friends together when the leaves turn and hike some trails in the Adirondacks. In SG, night is quiet and you can see the stars. In Albany, the night is not quiet and everyone gathers on Pearl Street or Lark Street or a few other scattered places around town. Albany is never quiet.

Parking in Albany is atrocious. There is no where to park. Most of the apartments don't even have off street parking. Mostly, that means I walk everywhere. People park on the side of the street, but the streets are so narrow that the parked cars almost make the street into a single lane. Sometimes one car will have to stop and inch over so the other car can get around them. And people just stop in the middle of the road. It's so weird. I've learned not to wait because you never know how long they'll be sitting there. People just go around them, sometimes going into the other lane of traffic (usually there isn't anyone coming). If my car survives my 3 year sojourn here in Albany, it'll be a miracle.

I've had some new experiences here in New York. I went to a gay bar. Not as a patron, I just really had to pee and they had the closest bathroom. I've learned you can't smile at people you don't know here. In SG, I smile or say hello to everyone I pass, you know, just being friendly. Here, though, if I smile at a guy I don't know he thinks I'm hitting on him. They're not super charming. Maybe I'm just hard to please. They say really stupid stuff, and it's just awkward. So, I reserve my smiles for people I know. I feel so unfriendly...

I went to a dance club last night. Admittedly, that's not a "new" experience, but it was my first club in New York. All of the people I went with have either lived or visited New York City, and they all informed me that Jillian's was not a club. We're all gonna go to NYC sometime so they can show me what a real club is. I had fun though. I'm really bad at it, but I love to dance, so I had a blast.

I watched a football game on Thursday night. That was new too; I'm not really into football, but it was fun. There was a lot of excitement in the air. The Saints won, so I guess that's good... Everything here is so much more expensive than it is in Utah (Except internet. Random..) I went to a movie last weekend, and it cost me $10.75! That's $3.00 more than Utah. Holy Shit. And they don't even have a student discount. The nerve.

My classes are constantly offering new experiences. Some of the cases we've been reading are really interesting; some, not so much. Some of them make me really angry, and some fill me with a sense of justice served. In Contracts we read a case where a local union sued United States Steel for breach of contract, among other things (they lost); in Torts we've moved on to false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress (Seriously, you can sue people for that.) We read a case about this poor old man who gets accused of stealing an ascot, but he didn't steal it and sues the store for false imprisonment (he won.) In Civil Procedure, we're reading cases about personal jurisdiction (whether a court has the authority to hear the case based on "presence" or "consent"). We read about a case where Arnold Schwarzzaneger sued some poor schmuck from Ohio for using his image without his consent. The schmuck files a motion to dismiss saying California didn't have personal jurisdiction (He won. Schwarzzaneger then sued him in Ohio. I think they settled).

Anyway, all things considered, I'm really enjoying my time here. I'm meeting new people and trying new things. Everyday brings a new adventure, and I love that. It's hard to be so far from home, though, and sometimes I get really homesick. I love to get news from home! (Translation: Feel free to send me pictures, emails, texts, calls, and/or warm fuzzy thoughts!) In conclusion: I love it here; I really miss home; People think Utahns are weird; I don't give a damn that people think Utahns are weird; I'm gonna rock this city! After it's done rocking me. :)


  1. Wow, Abby, you have really been having some great "New York" experiences. You described the night life and the streets perfectly. I actually watched part of that football game Thurs. night. Weird, huh. Love you and can't wait for you to be back in good old UTAH!!!!

  2. What an adventure, Abby! Thanks for sharing your experiences. What a shame that you can't smile without getting hit on...that would be weird for sure! Your upcoming hike in the mountains sounds awesome...wish I could join you! Take some pics so we can imagine we're there!!

  3. A gay bar and a football game, you've experienced two things that I have not. I have heard going to gay bars is a great way to get free drinks, but that's only if you are my gender and not yours.

    Oh, you should've taken your bike.:-P