Thursday, September 30, 2010

If I miss that 20 midget free for all, I'm gonna be super pissed.

So last Saturday I went to Lark Fest. It wasn't quite what I expected. My bro-in-law had me thinking it was an all weekend booze fest with crazy characters galore. He was only half right. Well, two thirds.

Lark Fest is kind of like the art fair, only bigger. Way bigger. I made a comment about how many people there were, and someone told me "There's actually not a very good turn out this year."

These were my humble attempts at showing how many people were there. There's this great spot about half way down lark street where the street starts to go downhill that would have been a great picture, but I was too short to see over everyone's heads. Oh well.

Anyway, so essentially Lark Fest is really just a craft fair. There were people there selling all kinds of stuff: jewelry, clothes, food, hats.

This is a friend and I wearing these cute little animal hats. They were actually really warm... Anyway, so there was lots of selling and buying and I had yummy pizza from a little joint called Soho Pizza.

There were definitely some characters there, though. I saw my first ever tranny. That's probably not the politically correct term, but whatevs. I don't think this person was particularly worried about it. When I asked if I could take a picture, they were more than happy to pose.

There was also this guy carrying an iguana around. I've actually seen him before. Seriously, I'm positive it was the same guy. He's a very good pet owner, taking his lil iguana out into the world to see the sights.

This isn't a very good picture. Sorry... Anyway, it actually wasn't a little iguana; it was rather large. And it looked like there was a little leash around his neck, so....

Albany also has this population of bottle collecters. By the way, tangent, NY doesn't have a sales tax on food, but they do on things in recyclable containers, like coke. Five cents extra for every bottle. Supposedly it's to motivate people to recycle so they can get their five cents back. I do recycle, but I don't get my five cents back. Anyway, so there are quite a few people around that collect bottles so they can turn them in for the money. You'll see them walking down the street with a cart full of bottles and cans or a giant trash bag. They were out in full force at Lark Fest because there were lots of recyclable containers being disposed of.

Again, this isn't a very good picture. Sorry. Next time I'll take my camera instead of just using my phone. Anyway, that entire cart is full of bottles and cans. I guess if law school doesn't work out, I can always be a bottle collecter.

Albany has a.. um... horse force? Anyway, there were a ton of cops at Lark Fest, but at a few of the intersections, there were cops on horses!Kinda cool, right? There were lots of people there taking pictures of themselves petting the horses. I'm not sure how the police felt about the photo op... still, it was kinda cool to see horse cops, or equestrian force, or whatever.

So Lark Fest was definitely an adventure. I'm glad I went! It was a lot of fun. I didn't buy any of the crafts, but it was fun to look at what was there. There were a lot of different booths with lots of different kinds of merchandise. And Nephi, if you ever come out to Albany in September, I'll take you to Lark Fest. We can take your picture with the tranny. Or the iguana.


  1. Abby, loved the pictures. It looked like the horses were quite a hit. Glad you got to experience a NY tradition. Finally got the plural connotation of the "tranny". ha ha

  2. Looks like you had quite the adventure and saw a few unexpected sites! An iguana? Seriously?? Hmmm...not my first choice for a pet...or at least one I want to take out on a walk, that is. Just got back from St. George is still beautiful in case you were wondering! How are the fall colors in NY??

  3. Mom: The plural connotation?
    Jana: Yeah, I heard that SG was beautiful but marathon day was a little warm. How was the run? NY is in the middle of fall, and the colors are beautiful. I'll put up some pics!

  4. Hey can you sign an autograph for my kid. Yea, his name is Red.